Why I am No Longer Actively Selling on Poshmark

Why I am No Longer Actively Selling on Poshmark

Selling on Poshmark is a great side or even main hustle, for some. When it comes to social commerce marketplaces, Poshmark is one of the best. Just my opinion, of course. For awhile I was pretty active on the app, selling clothes, shoes & accessories. And I made some decent money during that time, $4,410.91 to be exact.

Despite that, I’m no longer actively selling on Poshmark.

My Posh Stats on Poshmark

So, why am I no longer actively selling on Poshmark?

There are a few reasons, and none are meant to shit on the app or the community, it really all just comes down to personal preference. If you’re similar to me, you may agree with some of my reasoning. Or maybe you think it’s all crap, and I’m just lazy. Either way, here are my main reasons in no particular order.

It’s very time consuming

Last spring/summer, things were really slow for me at work and I ended up with a lot of free time on my hands. I decided to post a few of my no longer worn items on Poshmark, while spring closet cleaning, and after successfully selling those items on the app I had kind of an aha moment.

Why not take this seriously and really start selling on the app? So, I did.

I started spending all of my days thrifting, washing & steaming clothes, taking pictures, writing descriptions, listing items, packing sold items, and shipping them. I also was trying to keep up with social media, interacting and posting. At the time, it was fine because I had the free time, and I was excited about the new venture.

That free time lasted for about three months, and then I started getting busier at work, and for awhile I tried to do both, but eventually selling on Poshmark took a backseat. And it stayed there.

Thrifting became a chore

I like thrifting. It’s fun, and you can find some really great finds for a really great price.

But while thrifting for reselling, it started sucking the fun out of it for me. Instead of hitting up thrift stores when I felt like it, I was going to the Salvation Army every Wednesday and Goodwill every Sunday, and local thrifts in between. I didn’t want to miss out on a potential good sale, and it became a chore.

Too much community drama

I feel like this may be controversial, but there was drama in the Poshmark community that I just really thought was stupid. I won’t get into details, because I honestly don’t remember much of any. But there was lots of back & forth on Instagram, posting of screenshots, stalking of closets.

I never partook, but it was still annoying to see. And if you’re active on instagram, you’re going to see it. No way around it.

Don’t get me wrong, the majority of Poshers are not like that, but the ones who are, they’re always the loudest.

Too much stuff everywhere

I’m lucky that I was able to dedicate a space as my Poshmark “studio”, but it was still annoying that there was so much stuff everywhere. I had clothes & shoes in the closets, in bins on the floor, a packing station and a picture station with studio lights and a tripod. It was hard to keep organized and annoying to look at when it wasn’t.

I just wanted my space back.

Carrying inventory and supplies is not my jam

Related to the point above, if you’re selling goods, you’ll most likely have to carry inventory. And when you get a sale, you have to have the supplies to pack and ship said goods. You just constantly have to assess what you have to determine what you need and keep everything in stock and ready to go.

For me, I much prefer the selling services over goods. No inventory, no worries. Well, worries, but different kinds of worries.

I don’t really like taking pictures

When you’re selling on Poshmark, the pictures are very important. Also, I’m kind of a perfectionist, so when I’m doing something I want to do it well. But I suck at taking pictures. And I suck at posing. I’m also kind of a bum, so unless I plan on leaving the house, I’m not at home looking all cute and picture ready.

Yes, I was able to take decent pictures for my listings, but it wasn’t an easy task and became my least favorite part of creating a listing.

Am I trying to discourage others from selling on Poshmark?

Not at all, I still believe in Poshmark and it’s potential. I just know it wasn’t a right fit for me. Not everyone is meant for everything. It’s okay. That’s life.

I am still selling the items that I have listed, albeit slowly. And I will probably still list items from time to time if I think it makes the most sense. You know, versus straight donation or taking items to Plato’s Closet or similar.

But I’m no longer actively participating in the Poshmark Reseller community and have no plans to in the future.

What are your thoughts selling on Poshmark?

Are you selling or thinking about selling on Poshmark? Thinking about leaving? Think I’m being ridiculous and this is all part of the game? Let me know.

Selling on Poshmark or thinking about it? I was a top seller who made over $4K in a few months. Here I explain why I no longer actively sell on Poshmark. 
Photo by Lauren Fleischmann on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “Why I am No Longer Actively Selling on Poshmark

  1. Thanks for your insight as to why you chose to back away from Poshmark…I have been vacillating for almost a year about Poshmark because I don’t want any unnecessary headaches that might accompany an online reselling business, but I have got to get rid of these 2000 plus items. So I do appreciate all of your candor… In any event thanks for giving me another perspective and I guess I will have to make a move rather quickly.. A bit scary!!! Perhaps I should hire someone to sell for me????? Do u know of anyone who does that???? Have a great day!!!

  2. I just started selling on Posh in December. would say my sales started off fast but went to a stand still. I changed up my closet recently and seeing how that goes with more Adult clothing and Shoes. A downside with posh I don’t like is all the sharing and following. So your items get noticed. And it just seems more work involved. I also started selling on Mercari and that seems to be a better platform for me and what I sell. More higher end items I will probably put on Posh. But we shall see. I use to sell on ebay long ago and won’t be doing that again. And probably will sell some locally on FB yard sale.

  3. I started on ebay 10 years ago, have recently just started with Poshmark. But I see what you mean, my house is full of piles of stuff that I prefer would be out of the house. I buy from thrift stores and re-sell, but I keep it all inone corner of the spare room. Sometimes I wonder if the money is worth it, but I try to list one product a day every day so it doesn’t get too much for me.

  4. I am a part time reseller and I can relate to a lot of what you said. I think my solution to avoid burnout is learn the vintage clothing market. There is something special and unique about an item that cannot be purchased anywhere else. As with postmark, there are a lot of resellers selling the same exact pair if denim or shoes. My strategy is to be a unique and one of a kind as possible. You and I have a lot of similarities lol. I too thrift on Wednesday and Sunday
    , my least favorite aspect of listing is photography, and I look like a bum when I list so it’s hart to created content for social media. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I love the ease of use posting on poshmark. The biggest drawback for me is the huge amount of time involved reposting multiple times per day to draw the most attention to your closet. For that reason I will never go full time with poshmark. It’s a good platform you just have to be ready for the amount of time it takes to be successful.

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